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Carbon Copy PRO / Wealth Masters International

We were just like you.

When Rosemary and I decided that we wanted to start a home business, we started where most people start:  Google.  And what did we find?  The same thing you have found — HYPE! (thus, the reason I started this blog!)  🙂

After dabbling in MLM for a few years and making no more than $200 per month, we decided there had to be a better way.  This time, we were lucky enough to have found a trusted friend who recommended that we try a high-tier direct sales company named Wealth Masters International (WMI).

There were 2 things that were NON-NEGOTIABLE when it came to our chosen business: They must have PRODUCTS that would make a huge difference in people’s lives, and there must be a  lucrative enough compensation plan that would allow us to make considerable income more quickly so that we could have the freedom we so desired.

Wealth Masters matched both criteria better than any other company we looked at.

But their was ONE MORE PROBLEM—


We knew we had NO plans to market the way our MLM sponsors taught us:  making a list of friends and family, handing out pamphlets at the mall, holding product parties, and most of all… BUYING LEADS.  No, we were done with all that.


Carbon Copy PRO Marketing joined forces with WMI, and that was what sealed the deal for us.

CC PRO is an AUTOMATED MARKETING SYSTEM that does 90% of the work for us:

We found the perfect system for us We hated selling. We disliked trying to chase down prospects who were trying to avoid us.

Now, we only speak with people who are actually asking us HOW they can join our team.

Want more information?  Hold on a second.  Read on.

We are successful enough that we can be quite selective with whom we choose to work.

We only work with those that are:  SERIOUS, GO-GETTERS, HARD WORKING, TRAINABLE, UNDERSTAND THAT IT TAKES MONEY TO START A BUSINESS, and those that are DEAD SET at changing their present circumstances and will let nothing stand in their way.

We do NOT work with: Whiners, Complainers, Those with a Sense of Entitlement, and Those Looking for Quick, Easy Money.

We are very serious about helping others attain their goals.  Our Mission is Simple:

Our MISSION is to help 12 people each year make at least $20,000 per month in their business.

Thus, we don’t have time for those that are not serious, NO TIRE KICKERS PLEASE.

Still Ready to Move Forward?  TERRIFIC!

Click on the link below and submit and purchase your application to work with me and Rosemary. The application process separates the “men from the boys” (sorry, ladies!). The fee is FULLY REFUNDABLE should you decide not to move forward.

If you would like to partner with us, go to our  Carbon Copy PRO website and get more information.

If you can’t see the benefit of the Application Process, then this business is probably NOT FOR YOU.

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