Blueprint to MLM Success: 3 Simple Steps That Will Change The Course of Your Business and Your Life

When I started my first MLM business several years ago, I remember the feeling of intimidation.  I had never owned ANY business before and, honestly had no idea what I was doing.  I just did what my sponsor told me and said a little prayer.  It didn’t work.

successBut my failure in my first business venture led me to some eye-opening realities.  And after many years in the industry, I can finally look people in the eye and say without hesitation,

Success in MLM is not that hard.  It’s simply a matter of following 3 Simple Steps.

Blueprint to MLM Success

Here are the 3 steps to MLM Success:

  1. Make yourself VALUABLE to your prospects (Education and Training)
  2. Get the word out about the VALUE you have to offer (Marketing and Advertising)
  3. Teach your team members to be VALUABLE to THEIR prospects (Leadership, Residual Income)

These 3 steps are what I’ve found to be a Blueprint to MLM Success.

How Do You Make Yourself Valuable?

As I’ve said on this blog, in my trainings, and to anyone who will listen,

How Much Money You Make In MLM (or Any Business) is Directly Related To Your VALUE to the Marketplace

So what is value?

Think about it.  What would you, as a prospect find valuable in an MLM mentor?

If you’re like me, you are probably looking for someone who can help you reach your goals.  And that IS  value!    So how do you become more valuable?

By becoming skillful.  By learning skills that can help others make more money in MLM.

For example, you could….

  • Take a course on Prospecting and learn how to better find your target audience
  • Get cutting edge Online Marketing Training and learn how to generate free leads and sales
  • Read books on Copywriting and perfect your own writing style that influences others to buy from you.
  • Learn about Leadership from leaders in the field, so that you can help lead your team to success.

Now THAT is value.  Imagine the knowledge and wisdom you could acquire by doing the 4 things listed above.  And imagine how ATTRACTIVE you would be to others looking to make money in MLM.


Remember that simple formula and you’ll always be lucrative in MLM or any business.

So Where Do Most People Get Off Track?

The reason that most people aren’t successful in MLM is they SKIP A STEP — Number 1.

They forget the step about becoming Valuable to others, and they jump right into promoting, advertising, and marketing.  And to top it off, THEY USUALLY GET IT WRONG.  People are often taught to promote their company’s products or compensation plan.  They may even be given a replicated company website on which they can throw their picture, as if this is some sort of pathway to branding.  It is not.

Simply put, most new people in MLM brand their company and not themselves.  The simplest way to BRAND YOURSELF?

Become Valuable and ADD VALUE to other people’s lives.  In the new world of Social Media and the power of “viral word of mouth”, word will quickly get out about your skills and how you can help others make money online.  And THAT IS POWER.

I’ll dive more into Steps 2 and 3 in a later post, but keep in mind the 3 Step Blueprint to MLM Success, and how each step must be followed IN SEQUENCE in order to see massive MLM success.

To YOUR success in MLM,

Dr. Bob Clarke


If No One’s Joining Your Business, Ask Yourself, “Why Should They”?

January 25, 2010 · Filed Under Network Marketing Secrets, Training and education · Comment 


Network Marketers are finally starting to “get it.”

It seems they are finally starting to understand that NO ONE CARES about their business, or their success for that matter. What they’re concerned about is THEIR SUCCESS and how you can help them… or not.

And how do you help someone get to where they want to go?  With your knowledge, your skills, and your experiences.

In other words, these things are your VALUE…. and how successful you are as a Network Marketer (or anything in life) will depend on how VALUABLE you are to others.

Watch the video below:

To your success!

Dr. Bob Clarke


New MLM Training Free Report Now Available — 5 Killer Strategies For Using Technology to Explode Your Business in 2010

Well, its finally finished.

I’ve been working long and hard completing this FREE REPORT for you guys, so here it is.

I call it…

>>>“New Age MLM Training — 5 Powerful Strategies For Using Simple Technology To Explode Your MLM Business in 2010”<<<

and it is thorough, I’ll tell you that.

So who will benefit from this report?

  • Anyone who is still using Old School MLM or Network Marketing Tactics, this report is for you….
  • And anyone who is struggling with Online Marketing, this report is for you, too.

Grab it now, before I start charging for it!  🙂

I’m giving you guys first crack for being loyal readers and followers… so grab it now.

To your success!

Dr. Bob Clarke


Mike Dillard’s Copywriters Guild Now at 33% Off For Next 48 Hours

November 24, 2009 · Filed Under Copywriting, Dr. Bob Recommends..., Training and education · Comment 

copy2Copywriting —  the one skill the Mike Dillard says is THE ONE SKILL he would master if he had to start from scratch.


Because EVERY form of marketing you can think of has it’s roots in copywriting — the art of selling with the written word.

Master this skill and you can write your ticket.

It’s that important.

Now, if you want to scratch the surface and begin the process of learning copywriting, you can buy some copywriting books and begin your studies.

But if you are serious — dead serious — about learning this critical skill, I can highly endorse Mike Dillard’s Copywriters Guild.  Here, Mike and another top copywriter Ben Settle open the vault and teach you step-by-step how to become a killer copywriter.

Add for a VERY brief time — until November 26. 2009 at midnight CSTMike is offering his course at 33% off — less than $100!

In my opinion, this very well may be the best deal on the Internet if you are serious about learning Copywriting.

And you don’t have to be a great writer to be a great copywriter.  In fact, the simpler words you use, the better you’ll be at copywriting.  It’s all about grabbing the attention of your readers and leading them to the sale.  It’s about strategy, all taught by Mike and Ben.

Here is the link to get The Copywriter’s Guild at 33% Off until Thursday, November 26th.

And when you click the link, you’ll see the free bonus that Mike is including with The Copywriters Guild.

Killer stuff, but hurry up.

The 33% discount (Total cost = $97) comes down on Thursday, midnight CST.

To your success!


Don’t Can the Spam — Learn From It


spamMost of us hate getting it.  Most of us disregard it as a minor (and sometimes major) annoyance.   But I am here to change your thinking about these little educational jewels.

Most of you who’ve read this blog before know that I consider COPYWRITING to be  one of the “critical” skills for a network marketer, or any marketer for that matter.  Knowing how to get your target’s attention, keep it, and lead them ever closer to your desired action is both an ART and a SCIENCE.

There are several ways to get better at writing ad copy.  You can pay big money to learn from one of the many copywriting experts on the Internet.  You can buy ebook after ebook.  You can take any number of online training courses.

And you can study your spam.

It’s not as crazy as it sounds.

I have posted before about the usefulness of List Builders as a way to get low cost leads and make some money in the process.  My two favorite List Builders that I use are Viral URL and List Joe.

With both of these services, as part of my membership I agree and am obliged to receive emails from other members.  And I get lots!

TIP:  If you decide to use List Building services such as these, open up a new Gmail account when you sign up, so that all of the Member emails go only to this email address.  In this way, your primary email address won’t be inundated with these list builder member emails.

So what do most people do?  They CAN the SPAM.

Most of these emails end up in my spam filter, and can easily be deleted with a click of a button.  And that’s what most people do…. Gone and forgotten.

But not me.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I study the darn things.

  • I look for HEADLINES that GRAB ME.
  • I look for ad copy that attracts me.
  • What kind of ads or headlines annoy you?   Chances are they annoy others, too.
  • I look for any little trick that others are using that may get someone to take a look at my email rather than simply delete it.

Here’s an example.

Which of these Headlines do you notice more:

Check out this unique opportunity.

===>  Check out this unique opportunity.

Check out this unique opportunity.

Well, the third headline is somewhat more interesting than the first, given the italics.

But the middle headline, with the arrow. THAT one drew my attention immediately, especially when you are looking at a list of headlines a page long, all with the same font, font size and color.  That little trick, the ===> has gotten me more conversions that any other change I have made in my ad copy thus far.

So don’t can the spam.  Next time you get spam, take a glance at it.   See what headlines attract you and why, and you’ve just learned a lesson in copywriting.

Best of all, it costs nothing to do.  🙂

To your success!


Succeeding at Network Marketing — Are You Trying To Reinvent The Wheel?

A couple of days ago, I was watching the Subway Series on TV…. the Yankees against the Mets.  As always, it was a hard fought series.

joba2What I saw in the first game of the series really intrigued me.  The Yankees had a young, 23-year old pitcher going against the Mets.  His name is Joba Chamberlain.  Joba is very talented but extremely inexperienced, especially in big series such as the Yankees-Mets rivalry.

Catching for the Yankees was veteran Jorge Posada.   Jorge has been through it all… the pressures of big games, hostile crowds, and even a few World Series.  He knows how to call a game, and is generally trusted among the pitchers.

So what do I see on Friday night?

I see this young, inexperienced pitcher calling off his catcher time after time (NOTE:  for non-baseball fans, the catcher generally indicates a sign to the pitcher, telling him which pitch to throw.  The pitcher can accept this call, or he can “shake it off” by shaking his head NO, and the catcher will try another pitch).

Here is Posada, one of the most experienced big time catchers in the league, and he is being shaken off by the 23 year old “know it all” pitcher.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

So what happened?

Not surprisingly, Chamberlain imploded, walking in a couple of runs, hitting batters with the bases loaded, and totally losing his cool.  It was obvious that Posada was steamed, and with good reason. Chamberlain was gone by the 4th inning.

Chamberlain decided to REINVENT THE WHEEL. He decided that, even with his inexperience, he knew better than the experienced catcher on the right pitches to throw.  Posada, having been in numerous big games in critical situations, knew which pitches Chamberlain should throw.  He knew what would work.  He had a proven system that has worked time and again in the past.

But Chamberlain thought he knew better.  And he failed miserably.

Why am I telling you this story?

Because I see the same mistake being made by Network Marketing newbies every day.  They come into the business, all gung-ho and excited to light the Network Marketing world on fire.

But rather than going with a system that has proven to be successful, well established strategies that have worked for some of the top leaders in network marketing, they decide to “go it alone”.

They decide their way will be better.

And they fail. And they quit believing it’s all a scam and can’t be done.  Thinking only the leaders make the money.

In reality, all they had to do was plug into systems that already work.

As new home business owners, there are so many new things to learn and implement.  It can be a bit overwhelming.

Don’t exacerbate this by trying to reinvent the wheel.

To your success!


We Met Burt Reynolds Driving A Taxi in Lake Tahoe

Well, it wasn’t really Burt Reynolds, but it sure looked like him.

tn_img_0184It was, in fact a man named AJ, pictured here with my wife Rosemary, who turned out to be one hell of an interesting character.

I tell my team members all the time how VERY IMPORTANT it is to attend LIVE EVENTS when they are held.  I explain the importance of meeting the leaders of the company, rubbing elbows with people just like them who are successful and attaining the very same goals that my new members have set for themselves.

And I tell them they must get to our Marketing Event because of the cutting edge marketing that is taught and the great discounts that are provided to attendees for those that wish to get advanced training.

All of this is true.

But one thing I NEVER considered was this:

When you travel to a Live Event, you get to meet people from all over the country, many of whom have very interesting and inspirational stories.  This was AJ.

We had about an hour cab ride from Tahoe to the Reno International Airport.  We were still on a high from attending the CC PRO Marketing Event from the day before, and were eager for conversation.  In the cab,  Rosemary and I were talking about the event, the atmosphere, the new marketing strategies we had learned, and the great parties we had attended after the event.

Our cab driver seemed very interested in what we were saying, and asked us about our company and our business.  It turns out that our cab driver, AJ was not just a cab driver.  No, AJ had a very interesting story, and the attitudes and beliefs of an entrepreneur.

AJ told us he had been a stuntman in the movies and TV for many years before retiring before the age of 40.  Of course, we asked him what he had been in, and he rattled off such movies as Smoky and the Bandit I and II and The Spy who Loved Me.  His TV show credits included Bonanza, Rawhide, The Six Million Dollar Man, and many others.

He told us that he looked so much like Burt Reynolds that he served as his double in many of his movies.  Even though AJ was much older than in his working days, we could definitely see the resemblance (in fact, Burt hasn’t aged that well, either!)

ski-chase2His most famous stunt? He told us it would have to be skiing at breakneck speed down the mountain being chased by villains in the James Bond classic, The Spy Who Loved Me.  You know the one — he flies down the mountain, chased to the edge of a cliff, only to fly off the cliff, open his parachute, and descend safety below,  and skis safety away.  For James Bond lovers, it’s a very famous opening scene.

But it wasn’t just his stories that amazed us.  We soon found out that AJ was a clever entrepreneur who, having invested his wealth early on in real estate, had been able to retire at a very young age.  He continued his real estate investments after retirement, never wanting to work for someone else.

Imagine a young 22 year old getting large sums of money for performing stunts, having the foresight and strength to invest that money rather than blowing it all on material things.  Most young kids at that age would be spending it faster than they could make it.

The reason for this story?  Be open at all times for stories and experiences that can inspire you to new heights, and the can remind you that you, as an entrepreneur are on the right path to freedom and success in your life.

You never know where you might find it… even in a taxi cab in the middle of Nevada being driven by a Burt Reynolds look-alike.

To your success!

This is the Company that Dr. Clarke has chosen as his primary income stream, making over 5 figures per month.


Update from the Wealth Masters International M2 Wealth Conference

Marriot Resort, Marco Island

Marriot Resort, Marco Island

Coming from you live from Marco Island, FL….. this is an update from the 7th Annual Wealth Masters International Wealth Conference.

First of all, the Marriot resort is INCREDIBLE — 5 stars all the way.  The beaches are amazing and impeccable, temps in the high 70s, beautiful weather and luxury accomodations.

Rosemary came down a day early and just decompressed for the day…. pool, spa, workout room.  We just totally relaxed for the first time in a long time.

As for the Conference….

Never… I repeat NEVER have I attended a conference more well timed than this one.  With our economy tanking, federal bailouts, and my stock portfolio shrinking by the day, this information has never come at a better time.

Check out the lineup of speakers from today….

Wayne Allyn Root, Best Selling Author of Relentless kicked off the conference with a remarkably motivating story of  how he defied the odds of becoming a national news anchor with no professional degree and eventually became the 2008 Libertarian Vice-Presidential nominee.
G. Edward Griffin, Author of The Creature from Jekyll Island. Griffin provided great insight in to the creation of the Federal Reserve, its effect on the banking system and how they equally control our economy.
Mr. Chuck Butler, President of EverBank World Markets discussed currency trends of the United States Dollar and why we’ve seen a major deleveraging of assets since July 2008.
Finally, Mike Maloney, President of and the precious metals advisor to Robert Kiyosaki, discussed the recent downturns in the economy, why they were occuring, and the contrasts between the value of gold and the American dollar.
This was all on DAY 1 of the Conference.  Tomorrow promises to bring real solutions to our economic problems that we can implement right away as attendees of the Conference.
While I will not be at liberty to discuss these opportunities to create wealth in today’s struggling economy, I will tell you that I can’t wait until tomorrow!
To your success and prosperity,  now more than ever!
Bob Clarke
Wealth Masters International M3 Master Consultant
November 22, 2008; Marco Island, FL

Heading off to the Wealth Masters International M2 Wealth Conference

Rosemary and I are off a day early to beautiful Marco Island, FL to attend the Wealth Masters International M2 Wealth Conference.  This is an event I have been waiting for.  There will be financial experts who will FINALLY be able to explain to me just WHY it is that our economy is tanking.

Marco Island, FL

Marco Island, FL

But even more important, we will receive a blueprint for getting out of this “recession” in the best possible financial footing.

Here is a description (provided by WMI) of who will be speaking at the M2 this weekend:

What The Next 3 Years Will Look Like For You And Everyone You Know…

A massive number of millionaires will be made during this very painful period, while sadly; millions will be made homeless as well. You don’t have to come to this m2. I’m not going to twist your arm. It’s your future, not mine, but I will say this… If you do come, it will be the most valuable 4 days of your life, and here’s why…

  • You’ll meet Mr. G Edward Griffin. THE economic researcher that predicted this exact scenario well over a decade ago, and he’ll provide you with a specific game plan for the prepared.
  • Robert Kiyosaki’s personal advisor on gold and silver, Mr. Mike Maloney, will be in attendance, and will teach you how to protect your money, and take advantage of the biggest “wealth transfer” in the history of mankind.
  • Mr. Chuck Butler is one of the world’s most renowned economists, who has called the economy and stock markets moves each and every step of the way like a prophet. You’ll learn his step-by-step game plan that will help you make timely, wise, personal decisions that will help you protect your wealth and prosper immensely.
  • These “three kings” will be joined by more than 15 world class experts in the areas of legacy building wealth creation opportunities, finance, real estate, credit, asset protection, wealth acceleration, personal success and empowerment, great health (naturally), and much, much, more.
  • This is it. This is a time that will go down in history, and this is why WMI was created.
  • This is why you’re a part of this group. Now is a time to be decisive. You can’t afford to sit on the sidelines and there are no “do-over’s”. You will most likely be wiped out unless you take control of your financial destiny, but as always, the choice is yours.

I’ll be checking after the event to let you know what I learned.

To your financial health!

Dr. Bob Clarke

November 19, 2008, Cresskill, NJ

Two Essential Skills You Must Master To Be A Successful Network Marketer

I’ll never forget when I joined my first MLM company quite a few years back.

I was told that I only needed 2 things to be successful:

  1. Have a big enough “WHY”
  2. Just tell my story

Well, I had a very big “WHY”, knew exactly why I wanted to be a network marketing success.  I didn’t have much of a story to tell, since I was just getting started, but I did my best…. and I floundered… BIG TIME.

Fast forward 5 years and the scenario is much different.

I’ve accumulated enough knowledge and experience to understand that there are 2 things you need to know to be a successful network marketer... but they weren’t what I first thought.

But I soon realized that, if you can master these 2 skills, you will be well on your way to network marketing success.  They may not be what most people think.  But here they are……

  • Copywriting. If you can write your own ad copy and website story effectively, you are the expert that everyone wants to talk to.  Now, I don’t profess to being an ad copy expert, but it is one of the areas that I am actively studying and receiving training.

And until I am that copywriting expert, I am lucky enough to be involved with an automated marketing system that provides professionally written websites, autoresponders, and ad copy.

Even so, it is a skill that I want to master so that I can be successful with any sales venture in the future.

  • Effective Communication.  We spend so much time figuring out how to get prospects — learning how to market, how to get our message out, figuring out the right message, planning a great website to which to send our prospects once they opt in to our system.  What we forget sometimes is learning how TALK and COMMUNICATE with our prospects once we have them.

There are a ton of books, CDs, and DVDs  on various aspects of Effective Communication.

I want to share with you today one that has changed the way I deal with prospects and, indeed with people throughout my life.

Jerry Clark, creator of Club Rhino, is a master communicator who lectures and teaches throughout the world in the field of effective communicaton.  I was driving quite a lot lately and, as we always do, Rosemary and I popped in some CDs to turn our car in to a travelling university.

We had just purchased a CD series by Jerry Clark, The Magic of Colors that just struck a cord with us.  Presented in an easy-to-understand and entertaining manner, Jerry described the 4 personality types that are found within all of us.

The fun-loving, energetic BLUES, the relationship-driven and empathetic YELLOWS, the fact conscious, introverted GREENS, and the hard driving REDS, with a CD devoted to each.

This information is not new.  In fact, it’s decades old and has been described by various scientists since the 1930s.

But what is DIFFERENT about The Magic of Colors is that, for the first time, Jerry Clark has presented this material totally related to NETWORK MARKETERS.

In other words, how to access your prospect, how to play to his/her needs and wants based on the personality type, and how to get them what they need to make a decision about joining your team.

And about YOUR TEAM. This CD series allows you to access the strengths and weaknesses of your team members and how to get them to interact in a productive manner.

Pick up a copy of The Magic of Colors today.  It will be a great addition to your business library and give you a whole new understanding and a different approach to communicating with your prospects and team members.

To your success!

Dr. Bob Clarke

November 16, 2008, Cresskill, NJ

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