Step Away From Your Electronic Device…. and Pick Up the Phone

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I have a 16 year old daughter — 16  going on 30. 

She lives with her mom, some 4 hours from me.  Although I see her as much as possible, we rely on phones and emails to communicate daily.  We used to speak on the phone almost every day, just checking in to see how her world was going.

Then a funny thing happened.

textingCaitlin discovered text messaging. 

Now, I’m not against texting, and I think it has its value in certain circumstances.  But what is happening with us, and with the world at large, is that we are  replacing human connection with electronics.

Rather than having a nice, warm phone converstion, I am now faced with a barage of text messages every morning, always starting out with:


“how r u?”

“whats new”

“btw, i got my hair cut”

“gtg my bus is here.”

Not only are we failing to connect on a basic human level, but my 16 year old is also forgetting how to spell 🙁

So why do I bring this up? 

Because I see the same thing happening in the world of Network Marketing.  The Network in Network Marketing means connecting with people.  It means human connection.  Not electronic.

I have no problem with using texting or autoresponder emails to help drive your business.  They definitely have their place. 

But if you really want to make you business explode, if you really want to begin seeing the kind of results that will help you justify the capital you put into your business, then by all means….

Step away from your computer…. and pick up a phone.

phone1There is nothing like talking to a person… one on one.. that can create an instant connection with your prospect.  Only in actually hearing each others voices can you get a real feel for what a person is like, how they would fit into your business, and whether or not they have what it takes to be your next leader.

It may in their voice inflection.  It may be the WAY they say something, not actually what they say.  It may be their tone, upbeat or downcast, that gives you the clue you need. 

All of this is lost in a text message or email. 

You need to pick up the phone and establish actual human contact.

And for your prospect… let them hear your voice, your confidence, your excitement in what you are doing.  None of that can be transmitted electronically.  Let them hear the empathy in your voice as you listen to their problems. 

Only then will they really know that you are on their side, and you can help them.

I watch in amazement as so many new network marketers depend almost solely on their computers or PDAs to run their business. 

They would rather send 100 emails or text messages rather than pick up the phone and have one conversation.

It has become easier (preferable?) to rely on electronics and less on human interaction.

While it may be easier, in most cases the results will NOT follow.

You see, networking is about connecting with people.  And the best way I know of to connect with someone is to look them in the eye and talk to them.  And if you can’t look them in the eye because of distance, then they absolutely NEED to hear your voice to convince them that you are the person that can help them achieve their wildest dreams.

If you’re wondering why your business is floundering, listless, and not moving forward, then shut off the computer, pick up your phone, and start making connections with your prospects. 

Chances are very high that your results will pick up, and you’ll actually make some friends and feel better about the world in the process.


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